Friday, 8 March 2013

Can you build a virtual Lego house?

Hello Everyone!

Today our ICT Lesson will start on our blog.  Well done if you have followed the instructions and got this far.  Now we have lots of Lego in class, but we don't always have a chance to make 3D models in school.  Let's see what we can make!

Before we start here is our Learning Objective and Success Criteria:

LO:   Use software to create a 3D Model.
SC:   To use the mouse to place bricks
To use the camera to get a better view
To change the colour of the bricks
To use different types of bricks
* To make an object that looks like a building.

Ok now click here to load

If you are using this program at home always ask your parents and "Think before you Click"

When you have finished please take a screen shot and save the picture in the Anansi Base Folder with your name!

I'll post the best buildings on the blog after school!

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