Monday, 8 October 2012

MW's Story.

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share MW's story on our blogs.  I won't scan a picture in as I have marked it, and it's covered in red pen.  Unfortunately it doesn't have Anansi in but it is so good I have typed it out for you to read.

 The following story was written independently by MW (with spellings and punctuation changed)

One scary night there was a glamorous princess.  She lived in a tower that was grey.  One day, when she was sleeping a witch stole her.  The King searched and searched but deep inside the tower the witch raised the princess as her own.

The princess said, "Why can't I go outside?" and the witch said, "The outside world is a dangerous place, you must stay here where you are safe! Do you understand Flower?"

The princess said "Yes Mummy."

The next day the princess said to the witch "Today is a pretty big day, I'm just going to tell you it's my birthday!"

The witch said, "no no NO!  I distinctly remember your birthday was last year!"

...  To be continued!


  1. Wow what a brilliant story MW, I'm looking forward to reading what happens next so get writing...

  2. We read this story in seashells today. We thought it was brilliant and fantastic!



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