Thursday, 11 April 2013

Quad Blogging

Hello everyone.  We hope you had a lovely Easter.  I can't wait for Monday!

This term the Anansi Class are going to Quad Blog!  I will explain more on Monday, but it is so exciting!

We will be linking up with 3 schools and sharing our work.

Our 3 Schools are
  • Class B6 from Aotearoa, New Zealand. To view their blog click  here.
  • a Key Stage 1 class from Northburn Primary School in Northumberland, United Kingdom.   To view their blog click here.
  • Class Six (Thornton Abbey) from Monks Abbey School in Lincoln, United Kingdom.  To view their blog click here.

Can you use your map moving skills to find all the schools?  I've put a yellow pin on all of them to help!

View QuadBlog #50 in a larger map

To find out more about Quad Blogging look at this video

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  1. Hello! We're very much looking forward to being involved in this too. See you online, from Mrs Pescini (Room B6, Eastern Hutt School, New Zealand)



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